(We have to say Stop)

(Warum braucht die Menschheit neben den sogenannten Naturkatastrophen immer wieder auch den Beweis für die eigenen Fehlentscheidungen – immer wieder, denn einmal genügt anscheinend nicht? Das arme Japan ist nicht nur vom einem überaus heftigen Erdbeben betroffen sondern jetzt auch ganz offiziell von einer Atomkatastrophe bedroht. Atomenergie ist Wahnsinn! Wir müssen den Wahnsinn stoppen! Ich habe es schon einmal geschrieben: nur eine Eukatastrophe kann uns retten, wir müssen sie herbeiführen!)

(Ma perché l’umanitá oltre alle cosíddette catastrofi naturali ha bisogno ripetutamente di subíre le conseguenze dei propri errori – non una volta sola, sembra che Cernobyl e altre occasioni non siano bastate. Il povero Giappone al momento non é solo vittima di un gravissimo terremoto ma ora é ufficialmente in allarme nucleare. L’energia nucleare é una follia! Dobbiamo fermare questo disastro! L’ho giá scritto una volta: solo un‘eucatastrofe potrá salvarci, dobbiamo impegnarci a provocarla!)


6 Responses to (We have to say Stop)

  1. Marlis sagt:

    The problem, Sybille is what else to do? How does one supply millions of people in a tiny nation with electricity? Coal? We all know that’s not the answer environmentalists would go for. There isn’t enough space for wind energy. Is there enough space to generate enough solar energy to supply the islands of Japan? They have a rainy season which would hamper the harvesting of enough solar power. I don’t know enough about Geothermal energy to know if it would be a safe and feasible on a large scale venture in their geological powderkeg of a land.

    I would love to hear your idea or suggestions on how Japan could stop the ‚Wahnsinn.‘ Those people there are suffering so much and the specter of a nuclear emergency must make it almost impossible to bear.

    • Sybille sagt:

      I am convinced that we must not only use alternative energy sources but also that we have to switch to less energy, but also to other economic and ecology (for sustainable social and environmental). Just as we currently live, we can not go in any case for long. In part, things are moving in the right direction (such as with the energy-saving buildings), it’s incredible how much energy is saved and used for other things as may be. If, however, as Italy has now announced, we will go back to the path of nuclear power, which is absurd and, above all, very dangerous (earthquake zone in Italy) – dangerous not only for Italy but for all of Europe (I can well remember Cernobyl) and especially for a very long time. This is not a legacy we can bequeath to future generations. I’m sure if we really want we could find other ways for energy.
      Sorry I have translated the text into English with google, hope it’s understandable…

      • Marlis sagt:

        Oh, you can always write in German. While my spoken and written German leaves much to be desired, I can read it just fine. Thanks for your well thought out and worded reply. You’ve made many a good points. I believe our primary global problem is that we have too many people competing for limited resources. And a few nations gobbling up the most of it. Like the USA as for example.

      • Sybille sagt:

        Das werde ich mir merken, nächstes Mal antworte ich gerne in Deutsch. Danke Marlis!

  2. Francesca sagt:

    Ho pensato le stesse cose in queste ultime ore!!!
    Non ci vengano a raccontare che le centrali di ultima generazione sono sicure perchè non credo che in Giappone abbiano centrali non all’avanguardia!!!
    Volerle costruire in zone sismiche poi è qualcosa che va oltre la follia… è un autentico suicidio!!!
    Io chiedo in giro e pare che le centrali non le voglia nessuno… Tutti quelli a cui l’ho chiesto, sono contrari alle centrali nucleari, eppure mi sembra che il progetto non abbia accusato il minimo rallentamento. La Lobby di chi le vuole è potente, ha in mano il denaro, ha la forza per farlo… Ci vuole davvero una rivoluzione di popolo!!!
    E poi continuano a raccontarci un sacco di bugie a cui non credono nemmeno loro, ci scommetto!
    E‘ demoralizzante vedere come l’economia guidi la nostra politica, le banche hanno in mano il potere… Altro che democrazia!!!!!!!
    Sono arrabbiata!

    • Sybille sagt:

      Dobbiamo mettercela tutta per raggiungere il quorum nel referendum sull’energia nucleare che si terrá nei prossimi mesi (a maggio mi pare). È la nostra unica occasione e speranza per fermare questa follia!!

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